Ranking for loans in debt March 2020

Another month in which we present the ranking of loans for debtors for March 2020. Among the many offers, we have distinguished those that have the highest customer acceptance ratio. In the table below we can find offers with repayment up to 30 days, as well as those up to 60 installments.

Just compare the loan for those in debt with others and go to the lender’s direct website to complete the application. He remembers that offers without GFI have been marked with a blue mark.

Good Finance – loan up to USD 3,000 for free


This month, once again, Good Finance’s offer was high in the loans ranking for debtors in March 2020. A loan without GFI offered by Good Finance is the perfect support for people who are looking for a large amount of financing.

This company offers money that can reach as much as 8,000 USD. A simple and friendly form allows you to fill it out from any device – telephone or computer.

Any person without any problem within 5 minutes, giving their details, can check if they get a positive acceptance of the application. In most cases, such a decision is obtained immediately after completing the loan application.

Ranking of loans with guarantor March 2020


The only company in the ranking of loans for debt in March 2020 that provides loans with a guarantor. If we are very indebted, it will not matter for this company.

It is enough for our guarantor to have a clean account in GFI – without any arrears in earlier repayments.

Such financing is very popular if you are looking for a long-term loan debt because repayment obligations Good Finance offers up to 60 installments and the maximum loan amount is 25 000 with wit.

A loan of up to USD 7,500 at Honest Bank


The Honest Bank company also has a high place, which has many favorable offers for its clients. You can get the first free loan for new customers up to USD 3,000. If we pay it back on time, we will give back as much as we took.

Honest Bank is one of the oldest companies providing loans in Poland, which is why it is very popular. We can see their ads even on TV, thanks to which it inspires great trust. We can also find this company in the loans department without a guarantor.

Loan ranking with a bailiff for 500 plus

Ranking loans for indebted presents a list of companies that in March 2020 have the best granting according to our specialists. Selected offers give everyone a chance even to those who have a bailiff. At the moment when our account receives funds such as 500 plus, we must know that this money is protected from bailiff seizure.

Their bailiff cannot move, which is why they have added value in the eyes of the lender. However, not every person with a bailiff has the same chance of getting a loan for those in debt as people without him.

A bailiff on a bank account may be the reason why our application was rejected. In this case, it is worth choosing offers from the ranking of loans for indebted, which accept people with negative entries in the debtors’ databases.

Loan ranking for March 2020


If we need cash with a transfer today, it is worth submitting the application to trusted companies. Our loan ranking for March 2020 for indebted people will help you choose the right company.

Depending on your own needs, when choosing, we can be guided by the repayment period or the maximum loan amount. Payday loans are good if we need a small amount that we will pay back in a month.

In the case of larger cash, it is worth choosing installment offers. We decide how much we want to borrow and for what period.

In this situation, we should estimate whether the selected period will be enough for us to pay monthly in installments without delays.

Loan line – how much can you borrow?

There is no denying that a loan is something you hear relatively often. However, you must remember that the loan is uneven. There is also a loan line and probably not everyone knows what it is.

If you do not know what a loan line is, there is no reason to worry – after reading this text the situation should change.

What is a loan line?


After all, making informed choices is very important. Of course, it doesn’t matter if it’s a loan or anything else. In short, if I’m interested in a loan line, I need to know what this solution involves.
It should be added that financial possibilities are always the most important, financial possibilities determine reality.

It should definitely be emphasized that the loan line involves the activation of a loan limit. Loan limit to which the person concerned has permanent access. What’s more, the amount awarded does not have to be used immediately (it is enough to reach for the money only when it is needed).

Perhaps the question arose, what about interest? If you have such a question, you must know that interest is charged for the money paid. Let’s say the limit is USD 5,000 for 12 months, but at the moment USD 2,000 has been paid out – when you give back USD 2,000 with interest, you can still use the whole amount.

How much can you borrow from a loan line?


Wondering how much you can borrow from a loan line? In this situation, there is nothing else but to familiarize yourself with the various offers.

Whatever the case, there is probably no shortage of proposals (or at least one can be tempted to make such a statement). In addition, remember that not everything is for everyone – as has been said before, you should act responsibly.

Are there any doubts all the time? If so, it is definitely worth noting that applying for a loan line is not an easy task (you need a very good credit history, moreover, current commitments should not cause any problems).
It is also worth referring to withdrawals – each withdrawal from the limit is charged with interest.

Loan line, i.e. permanent access to cash

Loan line, i.e. permanent access to cash

Simply simplified, a loan line means constant access to money – does this matter? Probably not something that interests everyone, although it is an undoubted advantage.
You can also say that a loan line is a guarantee of saving time, and time is very important (and you do not need to remind about it).

Comfort during repayment is also very important – customers choose the day on which the repayment will be made. Of course, you should remember about the settlement periods.
Since we’re on billing periods, you need to know that a minimum amount is usually set (the minimum amount is, of course, the amount you should payback).

Not everything can be predicted, there is no doubt about it. However, it is hard to resist the impression that a loan line is such an answer to unforeseen situations.

What to know about Government Agency mortgage loan : Ignition, Value and Renewal


How the Government Agency mortgage loan guarantee works

How the Government Agency mortgage loan guarantee works

Social Institute ex Government Agency mortgages are building mortgage loans disbursed by Social Institute Public Employees Management in favor of public employees and pensioners. It is a saving opportunity for beneficiaries, who can get credit on favorable terms. but how does the Government Agency mortgage loan work?

Since these are mortgage loans, the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans provide for the signing of a real estate mortgage. Mortgage that must be of the first degree and is turned on on the property subject to a mortgage.

The Government Agency mortgage loan is the guarantee of financing. In other words, the mortgage guarantees the repayment of the principal granted with the mortgage. For access to credit, therefore, it is essential that the applicant must grant the social security institution a voluntary first degree mortgage.

Mortgage which in the case of mortgages jointly with married couples must be provided by both holders of the loan agreement. However, in the event that only one of the spouses has the necessary requirements to access the Government Agency mortgage, the second spouse intervenes as a third mortgage giver.

In this case both the mortgage holder and the third party mortgage lender must provide the mortgage. The spouse intervenes in the contract, as a third mortgage employer, before the notary.

Value and renewal of the mortgage

Value and renewal of the mortgage

As regards the value of the mortgage used to guarantee the mortgage, this must correspond to twice the amount disbursed with the loan.

It is necessary to specify that in the event that the mortgage has not been paid off on the due date of the mortgage, or there are still credit reasons in favor of the social security institution, the borrower is obliged to renew it. The costs of renewing the mortgage are borne by the beneficiary. In case of non-renewal, the loan agreement is terminated.

Finally, remember that there is a possibility in which the beneficiaries of the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans can take out a second-degree mortgage to guarantee the loan. This, however, only on condition that the mortgage is required to meet the costs of renovating the house and the property subject of the works, a first degree mortgage has not already been registered by Social Institute.

Leasing more easily available than credit

Many small businesses have trouble getting a loan. Lack of credit history, a short period of operation, lack of adequate security – these are just a few reasons why banks reject their applications.

That is why leasing is a popular way of financing business among small (but not only) companies. Last year, leasing companies operating in Poland financed the purchase of fixed assets worth nearly USD 50 billion, which is over 16% more than a year ago.

A short internship is not a problem

A short internship is not a problem

Most banks direct their credit products for companies to enterprises present on the market for a minimum of one year, and in some institutions, it is necessary to demonstrate up to two years of experience. Most lessors do not set such barriers. You can apply for leasing from the first day of business, e.g. at Good Credit Leasing or Good Finance-Leasing.

An entrepreneur with a good business Good Credit, but without credit history or market experience can finance a new or used passenger car up to USD 120,000 under the ‘Leasing for a good start’ offer. USD. If the company employs less than 10 people, it also meets the condition to buy a new machine or device worth up to 100,000. USD – says Monika Ostaszewska, product manager at Good Finance-Leasing Polska SA.

Get Leasing is another company in which start-up entrepreneurs can easily lease a passenger car or truck up to 3.5 tons or a forklift. For other types of fixed assets, e.g. equipment or machines, a six-month internship is required. But it is much shorter than in the case of bank loans.

However, it is worth knowing that although it is possible to lease a fixed asset from the first day of operation, waiting a few months allows for better conditions. Companies that have already been operating for 3-6 months can count on such. They then have more offers to choose from (not all lessors provide financing from the first day, more often from the third or sixth month), and they can also use less own funds for leasing. Younger companies have to reckon with the fact that the lessor will require, for example, a higher initial payment (in the said Getin Leasing it is 25%, while for companies with longer experience the required contribution starts from 1%), a larger number of collateral or a higher one margin.

Easier access to leasing for start-ups is primarily due to the fact that the lessor remains the owner of the leased asset throughout the duration of the contract. In the event of failure of a new venture, the financed equipment or machinery returns to the leasing company, depreciating at least partially the incurred loss. So it is the subject of the lease that is basic security. Another is a promissory note. No other security is usually required.

No financial documents

No financial documents

Another facilitation for companies considering financing through leasing is the minimum of formalities that are usually associated with it. The use of the so-called simplified procedure, i.e. resignation from such requirements as provided by the entrepreneur declarations of non-arrears with payments to the Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office as well as financial documents of the company.

Of course, the simplified procedure applies only to some fixed assets (in most leasing companies they are cars) and only up to a certain amount, but there is a tendency to relax these rules. For example, at the end of last year, Good Finance-Leasing extended the possibility of using a simplified procedure also when applying for leasing for machines of significant value, up to 250,000. USD. Previously, the simplified procedure was used only for passenger cars, IT equipment, and other small devices.

Using the simplified procedure, the company will not have to provide financial documents. However, she will have to complete a declaration in which she will have to provide this kind of information.

Leasing for a company at a loss?

Due to the fact that in many cases leasing companies do not require the presentation of financial documents and do not examine their creditworthiness, leasing can also be counted on by enterprises that recorded a loss in the previous year. Of course, they should think carefully about whether they can bear the extra commitment.

However, the loss can often result from depreciation charges or investments made and does not mean liquidity problems. Despite this, banks will probably refuse to grant such a loan to a company, and leasing should not be a problem.

Initial payment from 0%


Depending on the lessor, the minimum initial payment required is 0% or 1%. At least, this is the result of the information they provide. And indeed, in some cases, you can count on such an offer, which means that leasing may also be available to entities that do not have any funds to buy the selected equipment. In practice, however, not every company can receive such an offer.

It is reserved only for the so-called safe customers, i.e. those with longer experience and presenting financial documents. The aforementioned Good Finance-Leasing, which recently expanded the number of entities that can benefit from the simplified procedure, simultaneously requires a minimum of 10% in this situation. initial payment.

The amount of initial payment required may also depend on what you want to lease. With new passenger cars, it can actually be 0% or 1%, but with specialized machines, it is already 10%, and with used cars even up to 45%. A higher initial payment usually also results in better conditions.

Tips for planning financial expenses with children – Personal loans

If you are planning to have a child; already have one on the way or even already have children at home, you arrived here in this article of our blog because you know that the little ones bring with them some costs that we cannot escape.

Whether with education, basic health care, food or clothing, children change financial planning and make emergency booking even more important. Regardless of the joys brought by the little ones, you need to be aware that the way you deal with money changes with their arrival at home.


Financial expenses with children

personal loan

If you are planning to have children and do not know if you have money to deal with the costs of a child, we give you some tips on how to organize yourself.

To begin, you must first understand that if you want to have a child, but do not have any money left, as is the case with most Brazilians, you will need to readjust your financial reality with this new monthly cost you will have.

To do this you must start by understanding what your current costs and monthly income are and what can be cut or adjusted. It may be necessary to live in a more remote location, for example, thus saving on rent. This will help lower housing costs and bring some relief to the bills.

In addition, there are services that may be on your list of monthly costs and that can be decreased. A cable TV plan, for example, can be exchanged for a cheaper one or even canceled.

In addition, there are those monthly costs that end up being forgotten in our monthly expenses and that are past the time to be cut. That gym that you enrolled in and was never a good example. A subscription to a magazine that doesn’t read, too.


How much does a daycare in São Paulo cost?

When they do not find vacancies for their child in public daycare centers and have no one to leave the children with, it is common for parents to look for options in private networks.

Prices are the most varied when it comes to daycare centers in the city of São Paulo. There are places that cost $ 200 per month and that bring some simple tasks for the little ones to spend the day; but there are also places that charge more than $ 5,000 a month, according to a survey by Velas São Paulo magazine, and encourage little ones with the most diverse pedagogical activities.

When choosing, parents need to consider the quality of teaching, referrals from friends, proximity, and also the financial reality they live in.


How much does an elementary school cost?

education loan

According to a survey carried out by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper at the end of 2017, it is possible to find private schools in the city of São Paulo with monthly fees of less than $ 500 to amounts that reach $ 3,000. The variations occur mainly according to the region of the city in which the school is located.


Value of high schools

The same study shows that high schools in São Paulo cost more than $ 3,000 per month in some locations.

Final tip: if you plan to have a child, but still have doubts about your finances, make a spreadsheet with the main costs that having a child involves and separate them over the course of a year. See how much each item costs and see if these values ​​make sense within your economic situation.

Furniture Purchase on credit

Credit for free use

Credit for free use

  • Start your credit request now (this does not result in a contract).
  • After checking your request, the money will be in your account after 4 days.
  • All you have to do is accept our offer. If not, then not. No catch, no upfront costs.

The time comes when you are tired of your old furniture and would like to buy a new home. Depending on the type of furniture, this can cost a lot of money. Not everyone wants to build their own furniture and quality has its price. Many will accept applying for a loan to buy furniture from their bank. What should you pay attention to?

The house bank or rather an internet bank?

The house bank or rather an internet bank?

If you have a good relationship of trust with your bank advisor, you naturally turn to them first. However, the offers of the branch banks are not always advantageous for the customer. It’s worth taking a look at the Internet here, because there are comparison portals where banks’ loans can be compared. That is worth it because the interest rates of the online banks are lower than those of the branch banks. The loan for buying furniture can be applied for directly from the relevant bank via the Internet.

An acceptance or rejection takes place within seconds, because the bank checks the Schufa immediately and can therefore decide immediately. If a promise is made, only the papers that are sent by post need to be signed. Once the bank has the documents, a payment is made to the borrower’s checking account within a few days and the credit is entered in the Schufa.

The borrower can pay his installments either by direct debit, with a standing order or by bank transfer. The contacts of the online banks can be reached either by phone, in writing or by email, should there be any questions.

Some furniture stores also offer installment payments

Some furniture stores also offer installment payments

There are furniture stores that also offer installment purchases for the furniture. Such a credit for buying furniture from the dealer may be an elegant solution, but it is certainly not the cheapest, because the dealer earns interest. In most cases, they are higher than that of the banks. But if you don’t want to compare or want the furniture as soon as possible, you can of course also use these offers.

Credit with instant approval and fast payment

An instant approval loan is no longer a rarity, but is normal for credit inquiries made online. However, always on the condition that the loan applicants have the appropriate creditworthiness – i.e. are creditworthy.

The Internet has made it possible for consumers today to submit their credit requests directly online. The loans offered in this way are standardized banking products that are processed using an automatic process.

A credit with an online instant approval requires that the loan applicant has faultless credit bureau information, can demonstrate a sufficiently high attachable income and is not part of a risk group for whom an installment loan with instant approval is not possible.

How the loan is processed with an instant decision

How the loan is processed with an instant decision

Consumers who submit their credit inquiries online can do so 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can expect their credit inquiries to be processed even when there are no employees on site at the bank. The banks use appropriate software to process credit inquiries from private individuals, which makes it possible to automatically obtain credit bureau information, carry out the household calculation and evaluate the loan applicant using the scoring procedure. If everything fits, the credit bureau information is in order and the net income guarantees the applicant’s performance, the loan application is processed within a few minutes and an automatic loan decision is made, so that the loan is approved online with immediate approval and the confirmation is sent to the customer by email.

At times, consumers believe that an instant loan is also an instant loan. However, this is not the case, because the approval of loan requests and the payment are two different things. The approval process is fully automated, while personnel are still required to pay out a loan because the contract documents have to be checked and the payment instructed.

Same day payout loan

Same day payout loan

Occasionally, the Internet advertises that there is credit with a payment on the same day. This should then be a credit with lightning transfer, the credit intermediary apply. However, advertising is one thing and reality is usually another. From a purely organizational point of view, it is not possible to apply for a loan online in one day and then to expect that the loan will be paid out on the same day. In order to pay out a loan, the signed contract documents must be in the bank.

This means that there is always a postal route in between and the best way to transport the mail from A to B is from one day to the next. Anyone who applies for a loan with immediate approval today and has the commitment, must therefore assume that it is completely unrealistic to expect that the loan with payment will be available on the same day. Even if a loan with lightning transfer is promised, the money must be credited to the customer account. Advertising promises the customer more here than is technically feasible.

Credit in 24 hours is often just a promotional promise

Credit in 24 hours is often just a promotional promise

If banks or credit intermediaries advertise that they can grant credit in 24 hours , this does not mean the complete process from the customer’s request to approval and payment. Due to the processing sequence, 24 hours is not enough. Completely processing a loan in one day from the request to the payment can only be possible if the customer goes to a branch, but even then it is a problem to get a decision so quickly, to submit the required documents and to the Payout then to wait.

The processing process is designed so that there is no credit in 5 minutes. Advertising that promises otherwise should attract customers. Past experience has shown that customers who are in a hurry respond to such promises and request their credit where they are promised the credit in 24 hours. However, this only means that the loan is processed in one day and this is already a reality for private individuals today when applying for credit online.