Tips for planning financial expenses with children – Personal loans

Tips for planning financial expenses with children – Personal loans

If you are planning to have a child; already have one on the way or even already have children at home, you arrived here in this article of our blog because you know that the little ones bring with them some costs that we cannot escape.

Whether with education, basic health care, food or clothing, children change financial planning and make emergency booking even more important. Regardless of the joys brought by the little ones, you need to be aware that the way you deal with money changes with their arrival at home.

Financial expenses with children

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If you are planning to have children and do not know if you have money to deal with the costs of a child, we give you some tips on how to organize yourself.

To begin, you must first understand that if you want to have a child, but do not have any money left, as is the case with most Brazilians, you will need to readjust your financial reality with this new monthly cost you will have.

To do this you must start by understanding what your current costs and monthly income are and what can be cut or adjusted. It may be necessary to live in a more remote location, for example, thus saving on rent. This will help lower housing costs and bring some relief to the bills.

In addition, there are services that may be on your list of monthly costs and that can be decreased. A cable TV plan, for example, can be exchanged for a cheaper one or even canceled.

In addition, there are those monthly costs that end up being forgotten in our monthly expenses and that are past the time to be cut. That gym that you enrolled in and was never a good example. A subscription to a magazine that doesn’t read, too.

How much does a daycare in São Paulo cost?

When they do not find vacancies for their child in public daycare centers and have no one to leave the children with, it is common for parents to look for options in private networks.

Prices are the most varied when it comes to daycare centers in the city of São Paulo. There are places that cost $ 200 per month and that bring some simple tasks for the little ones to spend the day; but there are also places that charge more than $ 5,000 a month, according to a survey by Velas São Paulo magazine, and encourage little ones with the most diverse pedagogical activities.

When choosing, parents need to consider the quality of teaching, referrals from friends, proximity, and also the financial reality they live in.

How much does an elementary school cost?

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According to a survey carried out by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper at the end of 2017, it is possible to find private schools in the city of São Paulo with monthly fees of less than $ 500 to amounts that reach $ 3,000. The variations occur mainly according to the region of the city in which the school is located.

Value of high schools

The same study shows that high schools in São Paulo cost more than $ 3,000 per month in some locations.

Final tip: if you plan to have a child, but still have doubts about your finances, make a spreadsheet with the main costs that having a child involves and separate them over the course of a year. See how much each item costs and see if these values ​​make sense within your economic situation.

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