Altınbeşik cave breaks tourist record with 60,000 in six months


Altınbeşik Cave, home to Turkey’s largest underwater lake and the third largest in the world, has welcomed some 60,000 local and international tourists in just six months, breaking its own tourist record.

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The cave was opened in July to tourism after two years of postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The cave, located in İbradı District National Park, surprises everyone who visits it with boats, especially photography enthusiasts,” said Yılmaz Özdoğan, a municipality employee in charge of the cave, told İhlas news agency on December 22.

Due to its alkaline solution, “the turquoise colored lake offers a visual feast,” he added.

Calling an “aquatic paradise,” Özdoğan stressed that the cave will be open to tourism all year round. “Unless there is heavy rainfall, we will keep the cave open for lovers of alternative tourism. “

Besides locals, German and Russian tourists have shown great interest in the cave, he noted.

Located about 13 kilometers from the center of İbradi, Altınbeşik Cave, which means “golden cradle”, hosts a 250-meter-long cruising path between the cave walls.

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The deepest point is 16 meters and the cave has a heat of 15 degrees Celsius all year round.

“It’s a wonder of the world. I’m so happy to be here, ”said Muhammet Ali Şimşek, a local tourist from Istanbul.

The cave also has a mascot, a cat named “Tekir”, raised by workers at the national park after being found abandoned.

Tekir joins the boat trips, monitors the surroundings and accompanies tourists.

The largest number of tourists the cave received was an annual number of 69,000 in 2019.


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