Amazon construction begins next year in Daytona


Daytona Beach is in line for a new Amazon facility that would bring about 1,000 new jobs to the area.

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  • New Amazon installation announced for Daytona Beach
  • The project would create around 1,000 new ones for the region
  • Daytona Beach City Commissioners revealed the plan for the 2.8 million square foot facility on December 1

City commissioners revealed the project at their December 1 meeting and said the building will be a 2.8 million square foot facility.

“A new development is great when done correctly and balanced with its surroundings,” said Malcom Williams, Neighborhood Watch president for Zone Five at Daytona.

For Williams, Daytona is more than just a house.

That’s why he spent his entire day making a Thanksgiving-worthy turkey meal to serve to members of his community.

“So let’s go for a walk,” Williams said, as he left for his daily walk around the neighborhood.

When plans were announced for a new Amazon installation, Williams said he was at the forefront with questions about what it would mean for his community.

The new project would be located south of the airport, but Malcom wants to ensure that the opportunities offered by the facility reach places like zone five.

“OK, Mr. Amazon, let’s have a job fair in my neighborhood,” he said. “I’ll provide the space, I’ll even do all the work to get the word out. I just need you to come.”

Malcom knows people on the streets who would benefit from a new job.

“That’s why I’m doing it,” he said.

Every day, Malcom walks around looking for changes he can make in his community.

This is what motivates him to host monthly meetings with his neighbors and prepare a hot meal for his neighbors.

He doesn’t care about the name of a business, he is more concerned with holding them and the city accountable for the growth they promise.

“For me Daytona is me,” said Williams. “I’m Daytona, so when something happens or people talk about it… I take it personally, because I’m a product. I am what people talk about. Good or bad.”

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