Are you looking for a cheap wedding option? Save your money and do it abroad


We all know that a marriage can be an expensive affair. From room rentals to vol-au-vents, dresses to decoration, the costs can add up quite quickly.

However, new research from Angelic diamonds – a specialist in diamond wedding rings – states that a “destination wedding” (a wedding abroad) can actually help save on expenses.

Why is it cheaper to get married abroad?

First, weddings abroad can turn into a vacation for you, your family, and your friends. This not only adds to the memories, but also saves on other vacation abroad later in the year.

In places like Thailand, you can hitch up for as little as $ 1,700. In Russia, you are aiming for € 2,500 and in Turkey, around € 3,500.

Since weddings are usually booked so far in advance, cheaper flights are also virtually guaranteed. If you find the right deal, flights can be cheaper than domestic travel.

What are the most popular countries to get married?

Italy is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. Its blend of historic architecture and picturesque settings make it the ultimate romantic destination.

Other popular places include Greece, Spain, Barbados, and Mexico. Warm weather, sunny skies, blue waters, and delicious food add to the appeal.

What are the cheapest destinations to get married?

According to Angelic Diamonds research, these are the cheapest destinations to get married.

10. Germany

If you love beer and bratwurst, why not get married in Germany? The average cost of Germanic weddings is around € 13,000.

9. China

Getting married in China will cost couples around € 9,300. Take your trip from kung fu to ‘I want it’.

8. Portugal

Pretty Portugal also makes the list, costing potential life partners around € 9,000.

7. Finland

Looking for some pretty amazing photos and unique experiences? Finland is the ideal destination. Average prices start at € 9,000.

6. Jamaica

If a beach wedding is more your thing, what could be better than Jamaica? Nowhere does the sun, sand, and sea like it, and a Jamaican wedding will set you back somewhere in the Realms of $ 7,000.

5. Mexico

Mexico, a longtime wedding favorite, is one of the more affordable destinations on the list, with the average wedding costing € 6,750.

4. Sweden

Much like IKEA furniture, your Swedish wedding can be cheap, cheerful, and (hopefully) built to last. Weddings in Sweden cost around € 5,200.

3. Turkey

Turkey comes third, with ceremonies weighing € 3,490.

2. Russia

Second, let yourself be carried away by the magic of Russia. It is particularly enchanting for winter weddings and will only earn you € 2,500 out of your pocket.

1. Thailand

The cheapest wedding destination on the list is Thailand. From its quiet coves to its hidden islands, this getaway in Southeast Asia costs just € 1,700 for the happy couple.

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