City approves contract for ordinance updates


WEST SILOAM SPRINGS, Okla. –The City of West Siloam Springs approved a contract with American Legal Publishing Corporation at Monday’s town meeting to help the city update its ordinances code.

City/civic authority attorney Bryce Harp had sought out companies to help the city update its ordinances code and recommended the city contract with American Legal Publishing.

The motion presented by Administrator Sam Byers and seconded by Mayor/City Authority Chairperson Rhonda Wise was approved by a 4-0 vote in the absence of the Vice Mayor/City Authority Chairperson Municipal Linda Dixon.

According to American Legal Publishing’s business profile, they have many cities in Oklahoma as clients, including Big Cabin, Choteau, Grove, Jay, Locust Grove, and Vinita.

American Legal Publishing will charge West Siloam Springs $5,200 a year to review and update its entire code of ordinances, as well as provide four bound copies to the city, Harp said. They will bill the city 40% up front, 40% after the first review, and then the balance at the end, Harp said.

Digital hosting will cost $250 the first year, then $500 each additional year, Harp said. American Legal Publishing will charge $22 per page to update the code, Harp said.

“What they’re going to do is work with us and our website where there will be a link on our website will take us right to the code,” Harp said. “Every time an order is passed here, I send it to them at American Legal Publishing and within days of a new order being made or an order changing, it’s updated live online.”

Byers said he worked with American Legal Publishing as part of his duties as Police Officer Jay and said the city’s ordinances code was easy to use.

Wise’s only concern was that Kris Kirk, CPA, was not available that night to ensure there was enough budget for it. Harp said if the trustees approved it, he would let American Legal Publishing know that the approval was subject to the approval of the city accountant.

The board of directors and the municipal authority also voted and heard the following points:

• Approve the minutes of the September 19 meetings of the board of directors and the municipal authority.

• Hearing reports from city officials Chief of Police Larry Barnett; Waylon Chandler, Director of Public Works; To mark. Wiedebusch, application of the code and harp.

• Approve the City’s General Purchase Orders for the month of September 2022: General PO #’s 0063-0111 in the amount of $112,593; EMS PO #0003 in the amount of. $21,444; Tribal PO #0002 in the amount of $570.

• Approve the division of the lot for the intersection of US Highway 412 and US Highway 59.

• Approved the purchase of a car wash subscription for police vehicles, street services, management and code enforcement vehicles at Club Carwash in Siloam Springs.

• Approval of the Turkey Bonus for all full-time employees of the city and municipal authorities.

• Listen to public comments from citizen Beverly Lamb, who would like to have a stop sign or a slow children’s sign placed on her street.

• Approval of purchase orders for September 2022: Water PO #s 0042-0070 in the amount of $93,393; Street numbers 0020-0026 $8,140; Counter PO #s 002-003 in the amount of $51,489.

• Filing of discussion regarding “Final Analysis of PSI Lab Testing, Forensics and Consulting Inc. 12-pipe failure that occurred in September 2019 and corresponding invoice through next month and addition an executive session to discuss sensitive issues.

• Failing to follow up on the water tower inspection performed by Steward Tank Consulting.


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