Clear the snow, lock your doors and don’t leave the turkey alone in the oven. City of Kelowna Holiday Safety Tips – Kelowna News


The City of Kelowna offers some holiday safety tips and a reminder that snow must be shoveled off your sidewalks, driveways and driveways within 24 hours of a fresh snowfall.

“Beyond being a bylaw, it’s also a great opportunity to get out and exercise while doing your part to keep the community safe,” said Kevin Mead, Director of Claims Services. “And don’t forget to name your helpful neighbor as a Snow Angel!” “

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend, family member, or neighbor shovel for you, register online and the City will send you a toque and map that you can share with them. Nominees will also enter a monthly draw to win two tickets to a Kelowna Rockets game and a pre-game dinner.

Mead said that when you clear your driveways and driveway, don’t push snow onto city property, it can create hazards for pedestrians and motorists, and you could be fined. Also, when shoveling your driveway, place the snow on the left side, facing your house, to prevent snowplows from pushing it back into your driveway.

Some of the safety tips for drivers in winter include a reminder to clear your vehicle completely, so that you don’t snowball other motorists while driving on the road.

During peak shopping season, be sure to protect your car from the Grinch by locking the doors and leaving nothing of value in sight.

“When gifts and valuables are left in plain sight or vehicle doors are unlocked, it can lead to opportunity crime,” said Colleen Cornock, City of Kelowna Crime Prevention Supervisor. “By taking a few simple preventative measures, residents can help deter criminal behavior and reduce the risk of becoming an easy target. “

Household security should also be at the forefront at this time.

“The holidays are a time to celebrate, get together with family and friends, and reflect on the year,” said Kyle Jacobson, fire and life safety educator / inspector with the Kelowna Fire Department. . “However, this is also a time when we have historically seen an increase in Kelowna fire dispatch calls related to vehicle accidents, kitchen or electric house fires, and snow injuries.”

Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets and away from your Christmas tree, or better yet, use candles and LED bulbs. Also check your string lights, as some are only intended for indoor or outdoor use.

Cooks, keep an eye on the prize and watch the turkey. Don’t leave it unattended in the kitchen where you might forget it until it’s much crispier than you want it to be. One of the leading causes of fires during the holidays is cooking incidents.

And drivers, don’t forget that the Kelowna RCMP launched their CounterAttack campaign on December 1, which will run throughout December.

If you’re planning on drinking at a Christmas party, plan for a safe ride by giving your host your keys, taking public transportation, or calling a cab.

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