Emma Cox to compete in 2021 World Trampoline Championships in Azerbaijan


WEBB CITY, Mo. – It’s a big weekend for a student-athlete from Webb City. Not a football player; rather, an aficionado on the trampoline. Stuart Price has the story of world-class athlete Emma Cox.

She might not have a turkey this holiday weekend, but she’s not far off, the country of Turkey. This weekend, Emma Cox, a freshman at Webb City High School, represents her country at the 2021 World Trampoline Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, in the tumbling competition for 13 and 14 year olds.

“I am beyond excited, I never thought I would ever have had this opportunity to travel the world and do what I love,” said Emma Cox, Trampoline Team USA.

There is only one downside to this trip of a lifetime, she will have to do it without her family and her trainer. The same travel restrictions that were in place during the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan are still in effect in this competition, with no spectators. But her mother Ashley says her whole family will be able to watch the event on TV and be with her in spirit.

“It’s really hard to express how excited we are because she’s worked for this for nine years, it’s a long time, a lot of sacrifice and dedication and watching her in her element do what ‘she loves it, it’s pretty overwhelming and pretty amazing,’ said Ashley Cox, Emma’s mom.

These same restrictions will prevent his trainer, Teddy Johnson, co-owner and operator of Joplin’s Flip Shop, from accompanying him. Cox is the second athlete he has coached in his 45-year career to reach this level. He says her determination and power have helped her get to where she is today.

“And she’s one of the strongest girls in the area, in tumbling and everything, even the trampoline, she also won the national trampoline this year, but her floors are her strongest event for her,” said Ted Johnson, Emma’s trainer, owner of Flip Shop.

“She started in the competitive cheerleading program here, and when she was in practice she was watching the big kids roll over on the floor and she told mum I want to do it, and so we went as as a spectator at one of the competitions. in Kansas City and said, yes I want to do it, ”Ashley Cox said.

“I started when I was younger and I loved it, and it’s just my passion. Um, I can see my friends from all over the country and they push me to do my best and I build good relationships with others and I can just pour my heart on the floor, it’s amazing, ”said Emma Cox.


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