First R&D application carried out in healthcare tourism in Turkey

Turkey’s first R&D application in health tourism has been made

Studies of an innovative approach in the Turkish healthcare sector continue unabated. With the demand made to accelerate innovation activities in the healthcare field and to establish the R&D culture in the country, the Turkish healthcare sector will shift into high gear.

The Export Promotion Center (IGEME), positioned as the leading Turkish health tourism company, has carried out the first R&D application of health tourism. With this initiative, which was carried out for the first time in Turkey, the aim is for the Turkish healthcare sector to catch up with the transformation and stay in tune with the times.

Innovative approach to health

With the new era entering the healthcare industry, the industry needs different and more innovative approaches than before. It has become necessary to work in an interdisciplinary manner in the targeted products and services in order to make the ecosystem that includes the healthcare sector efficient and conducive to innovation. With the application of the R&D center made by İGEME, a study which will serve as an example for Turkish health tourism has been carried out.

The R&D center, which will be established after the request, aims to increase the efficiency and quality of the services provided to the patient in the hospital, on the other hand, it aims to determine the problems in this area and produce a solution in a short time. Medical R&D studies, on the other hand, aim to directly reflect research in clinics as a result of research for diagnosis and treatment.

Digital transformation to start in health tourism

With the R&D centers to be established after the positive result of the application;

  • The use of digital advertising channels in health tourism,
  • Carry out scientific analyzes of the target market abroad,
  • Determine the branches, costs and processes of health services requested in market studies and target geographic areas,
  • Prepared in accordance with bad practices of treatment processes and medical applications,

It aims to reveal data to rule out equivalency issues in the form of healthcare and treatment.

With R&D centers and international insurance companies, which is one of the most important sources of income in health tourism, the aim is to determine the treatment and the amount covered in Turkey, to develop Turkish software for the supply, the epicrisis, the processes of proterma and to be a pioneer in obtaining information and concrete solutions for our hospitals and our agencies. will be open.

At the same time, within the framework of the protection of personal data, it aims to establish a system in which the tourist’s health and schedule will be planned properly by making the data storage efficient in terms of the process of processing and handling of data.

On the other hand, with the R&D center to be established, for the first time in Turkey, targeting the actors of health tourism (agency, insurance companies, non-governmental organizations, health tourism agencies, tourism agencies, companies advice, doctors) database and communication with these stakeholders. and have a database of services.


İGEME continues to position itself as the leading company in the sector with its works. IGEME, which has signed many projects that previously did not exist in Turkey, will support the Turkish healthcare sector in every way with its R&D center application.

With this initiative, which occupies a special place in terms of implantation of R&D culture in Turkey, an important step will be taken in Turkish health tourism. Achieving the desired success will become much easier with the R&D Centers that a health industry needs for more innovative and innovative studies that have caught up with the transformations of the time.

It is expected that the works which started with the application of the R&D center, which is the first and only in Turkey, will continue without slowing down in the following periods.

Regarding the R&D centers to be established after the approval of the request, the CEO of IGEME Murat IŞIK; “We created Turkey’s first healthcare R&D center application to accelerate healthcare innovation studies. Following this request, Turkish health tourism will be one more step towards the position it deserves after obtaining the necessary authorizations and the establishment of our R & D Center. Our aim is to make this application an example. for all and to disseminate these innovative initiatives throughout the country in the future.

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