Gobblers Gone Wylde Slot Is Full Of Thanksgiving Fantasy


Welp, it’s Thanksgiving week, which means if you’re anything like me, you’re gonna eat too much, bet too much. NFLthen probably wash it all off with a few hands of black jack when your Uncle Irving asks about all this “so wait, you can play from your phone?” thing.

Well, instead of showing him why you should double down on a soft 18 when the dealer is showing a three at a six, get him to a one instead. online casino – As WynnBET – for a bit of crazy fun with the decidedly Thanksgiving theme Gobblers Gone Wylde insert.

Seriously: What better way to squander a few bucks – or delay the effects of tryptophan – than to try your luck with a few turkeys?

So please pass the mashed potatoes and have a dollop of green bean casserole as we head to Turkey Town, USA to lick your fingers…well, you have it. ‘general idea.


This bountiful slot comes with an RTP of 96% thanks to High 5 Games, and gameplay-wise, it’s easier than grandma’s cornbread recipe.

Land three or more of the same symbols on three or more reels starting with the first, and you win a prize faster than you can say, “Yeah, sure, I’ll bring home some leftovers!” (If you think the Thanksgiving references will soon stop, I assure you they won’t.)

The turkey triangle is the most treasured symbol, followed by a pilgrim with a musket, a Native American with a bow and arrows, three turkeys in various states of distress (largely due to the musket and bow and lurking arrows), followed by Thanksgiving Eves of A, K, Q, J, and… number five. Isn’t the number 10 Thanksgiving themed? Didn’t High 5 Games get the rights to number 10? I have questions. (Oh. Wait. Maybe it’s because of the ‘5’ in their name. Makes sense now. D’oh.)

There are wilds to be had – but they’re spelled “wyldes” in-game, like Zakk from Ozzy Osbourne’s old band – and if you get one on reel five (it’s a turkey with the ” wylde” written on it), the other turkeys on all other reels will also become wilds.

There are also bonus free games to be had by getting the cornucopia of “free games” symbols in reels two, three and four. This will trigger seven bonus games.

Look and feel

It’s one of the fanciest games you’ll ever play. This is pure stupidity. Too bad there’s money involved.

The background music is hotter than the frying oil you use for your turkey (well, I’ll stop). But it’s really very good. It’s a happy, boppy, sibilant tune. I would legitimately like to make it the alarm sound on my phone.

And then when you spin, it goes “gobble gobble gobble”, and if you win, the characters on the screen come to life. The Native American fires his bow, the Pilgrim accidentally fires the musket, and the turkeys flap their wings.

It’s really fun, and I can’t get the song out of my head.

The results

I lost it all at 40 cents a round. It took five minutes. No bonus games for me, but whatever – I plan to challenge Uncle Irving with penny-per-point gin rummy on Thanksgiving. I’ll get my ten bucks back.


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