Israel lowers Turkey travel warning to moderate


By Hamodia Staff

The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul. (Alex Malev)

YERUSHALAYIM – Israeli authorities have lowered the travel warning for Turkey to level 3, or moderate, after a series of Iranian-backed terror attacks were foiled in recent days.

While at its peak, from June 13, Israeli citizens were advised not to travel to Turkey, and those already there were told to leave immediately.

Under the current Tier 3 warning, Israelis are still advised to avoid non-essential travel to Turkey.

“It’s a return to the situation we had several weeks ago,” said Yossi Adler, senior director of intelligence at the National Security Council, as quoted by The Times of Israel.

But this situation is still far from safe, as indicated by the advisories still in place.

Israelis urged to avoid posting details of upcoming trips to Turkey and photos while still in the country; avoid wearing clothes that could indicate that they are from Israel; and to refrain from giving personal details and having unnecessary contact with strangers.

A senior security official told reporters on Friday that Mossad and Turkish intelligence agents had prevented three Iranian attacks targeting Israeli civilians in Istanbul in recent days.

The security official said Mossad intelligence led Turkish authorities to 10 members of an Iranian cell who planned to kidnap and assassinate a former Israeli ambassador to Turkey and his wife. The 10 were arrested on Thursday, the official said.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish security forces for foiling plots against Israelis in the country.


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