KoçSistem from Turkey Delivers Ten Times Faster Critical Services Supported by Huawei All-Flash Storage


KoçSistem, the leading IT company in Turkey, has been providing technology solutions to the business world for over 75 years. Today, it offers consulting, systems and software integration products and services covering the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and advanced analytics, security, enterprise cloud, mobility. company, etc. Considered as Turkey’s most valuable IT brand, KoçSistem helps drive the country’s digital transformation efforts, drawing on its experience of working in 80 national and international business partnerships, with a workforce of around 1,600 distributed employees. in 81 cities.

KoçSistem KoçSistem

An appetite for quality and innovation

KoçSistem is part of Koç Holding, the only Turkish company to appear on the Fortune Global 500 for the past nine years. Indeed, Koç Holding is Turkey’s leading investment holding company and Koç Group is Turkey’s largest industrial and service group in terms of turnover, exports, employees, taxes paid and market capitalization on Borsa Istanbul, the Turkish stock exchange.

Recognized as an innovator, KoçSistem, in collaboration with its sister companies, deployed in 2016 a concerted effort to secure its position in the market and increase its global competitiveness, by launching a digital transformation program. Subsequent information and communications technology (ICT) investment cycles have focused on providing highly available storage to support virtualization and expand capacity.

In 2020, the company added more than 200 new customers, putting additional strain on its IT systems. Consequently, KoçSistem recognized that it had to evolve its infrastructure towards a high quality storage solution in order to process, distribute and secure the data of its subsidiaries and organize its core business. Legacy virtualization storage hardware offered limited capacity and could not be expanded on demand. This was a big sticking point and a key requirement for any new solution. Security, of course, was also seen as vital, with data proving to be the most valuable commodity businesses own.

Storage must adapt to the pace of transformation

KoçSistem has identified Huawei as an ideal partner for its upgrade journey – towards high-quality, highly available storage that supports mission-critical applications – given the latter’s strong technical knowledge and positive experiences from the previous collaboration. between the two companies. Indeed, Huawei and KoçSistem worked together for the first time in 2010.

Fast forward to 2020 and KoçSistem replaced aging infrastructure with a Huawei OceanStor Dorado All-Flash 6000 storage solution, delivering high uptime, usability and usability, as well as huge storage capacity and fast speeds. rapid access to data. The following year, so impressed with the performance of the new system, KoçSistem took it a step further, upgrading to Huawei OceanStor Dorado 8000, which offers even higher levels of performance (in fact, industry-leading: up to at 21,000,000 input / output operations per second (IOPS) and 99.9999% reliability). With eight active controller units in each storage system, the solution is fault tolerant out of seven with no impact on performance. With deduplication and compression, data is compressed almost three times faster, while intelligent acceleration meets the demands of basic business services. In short, Huawei’s solution ensures that critical services continue to operate around the clock.

Exceed expectations

Benefiting from the increased performance and capacity of OceanStor Dorado, the all-flash architecture offers faster speeds by a factor of 10, compared to the hybrid architecture inherited from KoçSistem, far exceeding business expectations . And improved speeds and performance have enabled the company to strengthen its core competitiveness, ensuring rapid response for critical services, with additional capacity for future business growth. Indeed, the solution will meet service needs over the next five to seven years.

“KoçSistem serves a wide range of market segments. Huawei hardware helps us to excel in the automotive, energy, financial and other industries, where the demands for quality and reliability are very high, ”said Orhan Düz, IT manager of KoçSistem. “We have seen the impact of OceanStor Dorado on our systems, resulting in increased performance and improved reliability. Huawei provided a high quality solution and provided full time support, which really made it our strategic partner. “

The company believes that with the implementation of its Huawei solution, the productivity and reliability of its IT infrastructure has been significantly improved. Huawei has shown its readiness to be a long-term partner for KoçSistem, and the latter has already achieved Huawei’s four-star Enterprise Gold partner status.

Together with Huawei, KoçSistem now plans to implement many projects and provide customers with more storage options in an era characterized by explosive data growth. Looking ahead, the two companies will continue to consolidate their partnership, in turn creating a smarter future for Turkey.

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