KY’s oldest restaurant is also a haunted inn


Several times I mentioned that there were restaurants in other towns worth checking out. “You know, I really want to eat THERE, so let’s also do this, this and that.” You see what I’m saying.

And those trips I’ve taken are always because the food is extraordinarily good and worth the trip. But what if the desired location is also HAUNTED? It’s the icing on the cake and somehow turns your gastronomic destination into an ATTRACTION.


Well, Bardstown KY is used to that. It’s old. It’s picturesque. And it’s jam-packed with points of interest. You can spend a whole day there. I mean, distillery tours are a great way to spend some time. The same goes for dinner at the Old Talbott Tavern which also accompanies the Talbott Inn.


Yes, the hostel that is HAUNTED. However, when they were there, the spirits did not make their presence felt; we just enjoyed a wonderful dinner. I actually had the vegetable plate and it rocked.

The food gets high marks, but so does the service. Debbie Baker was particularly thrilled.

Me, my two daughters went here for lunch today, it was delicious. But we were all a little pissed, so this waitress named Whitney, breathe (sic) some fresh air. So kind, so pleasing to the soul without even knowing she was doing it, was serving us. I can’t tell you how this woman lifted our spirits and everything because she was just bringing who she was. God bless you Whitney, wonderful woman. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW.


Kentucky became a state in 1792, but Old Talbott’s Tavern was established in 1779. I’d say 243 years is a long time to develop a “ghostly” profile. And these people would agree:

As one of the oldest Western stagecoach stops in America, the Old Talbott’s Tavern has seen many “celebrities” in history pass through its front door. Of

Through the welcoming portals of the Old Tavern passed a long procession of statesmen, soldiers, adventurers, artists and rulers. Andrew Jackson knew the warmth of the hearth in the center room. There, Henry Harrison found joy in its friendly atmosphere. General George Rodgers Clark used the tavern as a base; food and ammunition were brought overland from Virginia and stored in the cellars of the tavern.

Abraham Lincoln, Jesse James, Washington Irving and others have also graced the Old Talbott Tavern and the Talbott Inn, which remains quite full. If you’re thinking of planning a late fall getaway or maybe something around the holidays, you CAN brag that you’ve stayed where some of the most famous – and I guess INFAMOUS – personalities in history American have visited.

In the meantime, enjoy your own virtual tour via the gallery below.

The Old Talbott Tavern and Haunted Talbott Inn in Bardstown KY

How about a fun story to accompany a spooky road trip? You’ll have everything, and delicious food, at the Old Talbott Tavern and the Talbott Inn.

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