New Catholic Fiction Book Follows New Priest’s Conflicts With Church Teachings


A priest reflects on his work through his daily journals

Calgary, AB, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Author Jack Scissons’ The first book follows a new priest on a mission as he promotes current church teachings on married priests, male and female, abortion, divorce, assisted dying, and LGBTQIA+ rights.

” Catholic Church ? Why not ? : Diaries of a Small-Town Priest” is told day-to-day as a diary entry. A newly ordained priest believes current church teachings are blasé and discriminatory. He believes the teachings of the gospels that emphasize love, non-judgment and forgiveness would be more inspiring to the world.

“The Catholic Church should be open to everyone, especially those who make mistakes, feel hurt, or are treated as outcasts in society; the Church should not exclude anyone,” Scissons said.

Scissons wrote this book while isolated during the first outbreak of COVID-19. He drew inspiration from his own experience as a priest and from writers like Morris West, Graham Green, Andrew Greley and JF Powers. He explained that writing this book was a “wonderful opportunity to reflect on his own Catholic practice”. Scissons discovered how “saddened and disappointed” he is with the current leadership of the Catholic Church.

“Catholic Church? Why Not? Diary of a Small Town Priest”
By Jack Scissons
ISBN: 9781665554411 (softcover); 9781665554398 (linked); 9781665554404 (electronic)
Available at Author’s house, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

About the Author
Jack Scissons was born in 1939 and was a practicing Catholic all his life. He was ordained a priest in 1964. After working as a priest, both in Canada and in Brazil, he resigned from the priesthood in 1970. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Masters in Social Work. He worked for about 32 years as an urban planner, revitalizing old downtown areas. He is retired, writes and lives with his wife Kathleen in Calgary, AB. To learn more, please visit

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