New York-style bagel store opens in Charlotte’s Waverly neighborhood



Bagel Boys opens in Waverly this fall.

If you love the taste and texture of a dense circle of bread baked to perfection, then you’re in for a treat just in time for one of the best seasons of the year. With the arrival of Bagel Boys in Waverly this fall, there will be more places to shop for New York-style bagels in Charlotte.

While some might argue that the Charlotte area already has a large selection of bagel shops, others – especially New York-area transplants – believe Queen City needs more local, authentic bagel shops. .

As New Jersey natives, co-owners Heather Grove and her husband Nick were up for the challenge of adding more quality to Charlotte’s bagel scene. After moving to Charlotte in May 2020 in search of a better life for their family, it only took a few months and a little inspiration from their eldest son to make a family dream come true.

“It was our desire to bring an authentic New York bagel here to the Charlotte area, as there are a lot of transplants in the northern area who are looking for a good bagel,” Grove said.

While living in New Jersey five years ago, Grove’s 5-year-old son said, “Why don’t we open our own bagel store? She declared. At the time, Grove had its hands full with running a 24/7 business in the towing and automotive industry. There just wasn’t enough time.

“Fast forward to now: we’re here and we can’t find a good bagel,” she said. “My 9 year old now says to me, ‘Hey, why don’t we open our own bagel store? That’s what started the concept here in Charlotte.

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Bagel Boys will offer New York-style bagels in a family atmosphere. Courtesy of Bagel Boys

Bagel Boys – which opens in late October – is inspired by the couple’s three sons whose favorite bagels are eggs and cinnamon raisins. When you visit Bagel Boys, you can expect fun, lots of energy, and a family experience.

The menu promises a variety of authentic New York-style bagels and spreads with sweet and savory options. Sandwiches, coffee, local drinks, freshly brewed tea and freshly squeezed orange juice will also be available.

The Queen City Banini sandwich pays homage to Queen Charlotte. It includes oven-roasted herb turkey breast, Swiss cheese, avocado, local bacon, farm-fresh tomatoes and a secret spread on a bagel. The Charlotte Banini – a squeezed bagel with Black Forest ham, pesto aioli, pepperoni, American cheese, tomato and romaine – is a nod to the city.

“What makes our concept unique is that it’s very family-oriented and focused,” Grove told CharlotteFive. “It basically shows our boys, and anyone else, that if you dream about it, you can do it.”

Welcome to Waverly

Although Waverly – located at the intersection of Providence Road and Ardrey Kell Road – is generally a high traffic area, it still manages to have a calming effect. When people visit the area, many linger as there are so many places to dine and shop. Grove and his family had a similar experience before officially moving to Charlotte.

“We visited Waverly and I sat on this patio,” she said. “We sat there for probably six hours. We ate and the children played. It was a magical and awesome experience that felt right at home. ”

The Groves spotted two more locations for their first bagel shop, but the current location in Waverly – also the smaller one – stole their hearts. Grove knew this was the place for his family.

Heather and Nick Grove are co-owners of Bagel Boys. Courtesy of Bagel Boys

“We look forward to serving the City of Charlotte and becoming a well-known family business that supports and gives back to our community,” she said. “We are delighted to be here.

Delays due to COVID-19

Starting a business in a typical year can be quite difficult. Building a whole new business in the restaurant industry during a global pandemic comes with an even bigger set of hurdles. Grove – like most business owners – experienced long delays during the construction phase and delays with products, permits and equipment.

“It’s a challenge, but we’re telling our kids and we’re like, you can do anything,” Grove said. “You just have to stick with it and keep going through it. Nothing is easy, nothing good is ever easy.

Grove remains positive, keeping an eye on the future and taking the process in stride. Hoping to open two more branches over the next two years, she is appropriating everything she has learned through this experience. This will prove beneficial for the future when Bagel Boys has three slots – one representing each son.

Boys Bagels

Location: 7107 Waverly Walk Ave., Charlotte, NC 28277

Neighborhood: South Charlotte / Waverly

Instagram: @bagelboysclt

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