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Danish ship repair specialist Orskov recently held a ceremony to open its extensive repair facilities in Frederikshavn.

The new 25,000 m² courtyard was officially opened by Orskov Yard and Port of Frederikshavn. The area includes Pier 5 and Jeppe Ørskov Pier. In addition, Arne Ørskov Vej, which is the main road of the new port extension, was also officially opened by the 200 guests.

Arne Ørskov Christensen founded the shipyard in 1958, since then Niels Ørskov has taken over the management and operated the activities of the port of Frederikshavn. In 2003, the 3rd generation stepped in with Christina and Jeppe Ørskov at the helm, and the yard changed from a new construction site to a ship repair yard. It is the start of a new era for the family business.

During the ceremony, Niels Ørskov was in charge of the official inauguration of Arne Ørskovs Vej and Malte Ørskov opened the Jeppe Ørskov pier, named after his father.

“We pay tribute to Arne and Jeppe with the name of the street and the name of the pier. We officially opened Dock 5, which is another milestone not only in the history but in the reality of Orskov Yard. Nothing would be possible without the Ørskov family. Each with their own personality, but all with the same motivation. Everything we appreciate – we want the best for this city, we want to survive, we want to grow, ”said Mayor of Fredrikshavn, Birgit Hansen.

“The whole family is very honored that the Port of Frederikshavn and the Municipality of Frederikshavn have chosen to name the newly established main road on the port extension Arne Ørskovs Vej. After all, he is the original reason we are where we are. Likewise, we had the great honor of having the new pier named Jeppe Ørskov Pier. Jeppe was very dedicated to making the port expansion a reality and thus gain growth for the yard and the city, ”said manager and owner Christina Ørskov and chairman Niels Ørskov.

The new floating dock – Dock 5 – arrived in Frederikshavn in August last year and was named on January 15, 2021 by Jeppe’s daughter Luna in a private ceremony due to Covid-19, and now the dock area is complete.

“It’s a really happy day today. We have been working on this project for many years and now we have a new floating dock and a new beautiful dock area. The road has been exciting and difficult. From doing the first drawings until we traveled around the world looking at potential docks, until we signed the contract with the Turkish Hat-San shipyard on a new floating dock being built, signed the contract with the port of Frederikshavn, got the authority project in place and up to the construction of the wharf in Turkey and the construction of the wharf here in Frederikshavn ”, said Lars Fischer, CEO of Orskov Yard.

Since Dock 5 went into service in January this year, 11 ships have been docked and it has only been inactive for 10 days. On average, she held 100 full-time positions per day, in addition to the existing activities at Orskov Yard. Wharf 5 has proven its worth with its size and draft, and Orskov Yard now has the ability to accommodate large vessels, which otherwise had to choose another yard. In addition to the new floating dock and the new dock area, a new machine and pipe workshop will be built, which will be completed by the end of the year.

“Jeppe has been an important driving force in the expansion of the port and he said that ‘we have to develop the port of Frederikshavn or else we will close the activities’. Today we are seeing some of the results – and Dock 5 has great symbolic significance. Ørskov has taken an initiative as a driving force and has taken responsibility for a significant investment, which will benefit the maritime services industry across North Jutland ”, said Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, CEO of the Port of Frederikshavn.

Orskov is planning a further expansion with an even larger wharf included in the plans.


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