Savannah Mayor Van Johnson Honors Native Jayda Cheaves With City of Savannah Citation


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) — Savannah Mayor Van Johnson honored Savannah native Jayda Cheaves with a citation from the City of Savannah on Sunday.

Cheaves is a self-made entrepreneur who built her following on social media and turned it into a multi-million dollar business.

She was honored at Nancy’s Heart Incorporated’s 4th Annual Back to School Contest which Cheaves contributes to annually.

“Despite her busy schedule, Jayda always finds time to return home and give back to her community. For the past 2 years she has returned and continues to return to Savannah to host back-to-school events, annual Thanksgiving turkey drives, and Christmas holiday giveaways. said Savannah Mayor Van Johnson.

In Cheaves’ speech to residents and visitors, she said, “Thank you all for coming, it’s nothing like coming back to Savannah. I didn’t go to college but high school and college built who I am today it built this entrepreneur and the mindset that I have so use school for this to what you can use it. Do not abandon.

The organization has grown from 200 to 250 schoolbags each year to more than 1,000 schoolbags full of school supplies since Cheaves got involved, according to the founder of Nancy’s Heart Incorporated.

“I could donate supplies where I live, but I always choose to come to my hometown of Savannah. There’s no place like home.” Cheaves said.

Additionally, Cheaves holds a turkey drive each year where over 10,000 turkeys are given away.

In addition to running his own company Waydamin Brand, Cheaves is filming a reality show called The Impact Atl.

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