Take-out Thanksgiving turkeys are growing in popularity


OTTAWA – Thanksgiving is only a week away, and that means friends, family and food.

If you can’t wait to eat a big Thanksgiving meal this year but don’t feel like cooking, you don’t have to. Many restaurants in Ottawa offer take-out turkey dinners, including Chances R.

“For us, it’s huge. It’s probably one of the busiest weekends of the year, ”says owner Mike Bouris. “We will prepare approximately 1,200 turkey meals. At Christmas we do it like the whole turkey, but at Thanksgiving we sell it individually.

The sale of these meals is quite common every year.

“Traditionally, it’s at the restaurant,” says Bouris. “So instead of everybody coming home and having food and stuff, they come to dinner. Definitely more take out now, so it’s a new thing for us to try to balance the two. Stocking up the restaurant and preparing a few hundred takeaways that same evening.

“I think that’s a great idea,” says Kathy who was going to lunch at Chances R. “Me, it’s just me and my husband. We don’t want to cook a big dinner. It sounds like a fantastic idea.

The ready-to-eat, on-the-go Thanksgiving meal has become popular in recent years with families looking to save time.

“Turkeys are 12 percent more expensive than last year,” explains Sylvain Charlebois, director of the Agri-Food Analysis Laboratory at Dalhousie University. “Why not consider buying a pre-cooked turkey ahead of time? Save energy, save time, save heartache.

Lots of places are already full or have stopped taking orders, but at Fitz’s Classic Grill they say they will be taking as many orders as possible until Friday night.

“We have one for two people. We have one for four, ”says co-owner Donna Reid. “Because of COVID, people are outnumbered and they don’t want to bother cooking this meal. Because with all the trimmings, it could be expensive.

They say the convenience of their pre-cooked meal is something their customers look forward to every year.

“The community really appreciates it,” says Reid. “Especially even if you are just one person, a person of two. People don’t want to spend that time cooking this dinner. Taking all the time of their day to prepare it.

For those who are still undecided, don’t wait too long, these birds are going fast.

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