The First Lady of Turkey attends the screening of the documentary “Ottoman America”


Turkey’s First Lady Emine Erdogan attended the screening of a documentary film on the Ottoman immigrants who came to the United States in the early 1900s on Monday.

“Ottoman America” ​​was produced in cooperation with Bay Atlantic University, Bahcesehir University Civilization Studies Center (MEDAM) and Presidency for Turks Abroad and Allied Communities (YTB).

It was promoted with the presence of the First Lady of Turkey at the recently inaugurated Turkevi Center, or Turkish House, in Manhattan, opposite the UN headquarters.

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Speaking at the event, Erdogan said the documentary not only illuminates Turkish history in America, but also makes a great contribution to the science of history.

“Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Jewish and Greek immigrants set out together on this path and have stayed together in America. We see the multiculturalism of the Ottoman Empire in this migratory adventure, ”she added.

Noting the importance of the historical basis presented by the documentary for Turks in America, she said she hopes the documentary “will play a pivotal role in creating a museum that will record our migratory history”.

Also speaking at the event, YTB Chairman Abdullah Eren said that the homeland of the first group of the Muslim diaspora in the United States was the Ottoman Empire and stressed that it was an important starting point for relations between Turkey and the United States.

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The documentary “not only reveals the deeply rooted history of the Muslim community in the United States, but also includes the stories of different ethnic groups,” Eren added.

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