Thoughts on family and pizza


No matter what is going on in our lives, we are certainly blessed.

I have a friend from Minnesota who recommends taking time at the end of each day to share at least three things we are thankful for that day. She says it helps her focus on the positive aspects of her life and reduces the stress she so often feels at the end of the day.

Farming is stressful work. But what other job would allow you to always have your family around you? Working together as a family and supporting each other is truly a blessing.

I am not so naive to think that all is sun and roses. But when there are disagreements and difficult times, I find it a blessing to work together to find solutions.

I had a real eye-opener the other day. We had a student as a waiter at one of our favorite restaurants. He said he had five papers due in about a week.

We came back a few days later. I asked him how he was doing with his papers. He smiled and admitted he still hadn’t started. These weren’t research papers, just “reflections,” he said.

This conversation reminded me that when I speak to you, I share thoughts. Writing doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s the commitment to sit down and do it that takes time.

I really enjoy sharing with you all that is happening in my life and in the agriculture around us. Having said that, I have noticed that the holidays will be here very soon.

When I was 8 years old, we got closer to my father’s family. From that point on, we had Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ house, Christmas at our house, and New Years dinner at my uncle’s house. There were only three children: my sister, my cousin and me. We didn’t get together very often, so the holidays were such a treat.

I don’t remember anything special about the food, but I do remember playing games together. When I think of us playing games or asking my grandma to play the piano, I realize that this is all before TV so the day was not filled with the Thanksgiving parade and football. .

As teenagers we would walk around town to the local cinema. At that time, there were three of them. I remember very well that my cousin, who was my age, was a huge Elvis fan. We went to see “Love Me Tender” a year ago.

It’s funny what things stay in your mind when you get older.

What memories do you keep of your childhood day? I have heard of families heading out into the woods to prepare for the start of the deer hunting season. Other families have a Thanksgiving feast at home before the men head to hunting camp and the women plan their Christmas shopping.

Traditions are funny. We stick to it just because that’s the way we always do it.

Last year my son threw Thanksgiving and his grown children wanted to know why we couldn’t eat pizza for dinner. One of them didn’t like turkey.

So my son and his wife made a choice of pizzas. We had a great time laughing at our unusual Thanksgiving dinner. We had such a great visit and everyone went home with leftover pizza.

My son said it took them about three hours the day before to make the dough and prepare the toppings. It didn’t take a long time to assemble the pizzas and bake them.

In years gone by, he and his wife would cook the traditional turkey dinner. It took a long time the day before and the same day to prepare. Pizza is much less stressful.

But the real joy is to be in family and to share the fraternity.

Gregg writes from western Pennsylvania. She is the 2019 Pennsylvania Outstanding Woman in Agriculture and is a past president of American Agri-Women.


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