Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams delivers remarks at the Turkish Flag Raising Ceremony


October 29, 2022

Commissioner Manuel Castro, Mayor’s Office of Immigration Affairs: Thank you very much, Ibrahim, thank you very much to the Bowling Green Association for this wonderful partnership that allows us to celebrate our diaspora and our immigrant communities here in New York. When I met Ibrahim at an event, I think, Staten Island…

Ibrahim Kurtulus, Vice President, Bowling Green Association: Yes.

Commissioner Castro: We talked and immediately hit it off and thought, why not do this for our Lower Manhattan communities? Not just in our neighborhoods across the city, but in such an important historic place, not just to New York, but to the country. And so, it’s been 10 months and we’ve raised many, many flags, celebrated, many, many communities. So I’m very proud of our friendship, Ibrahim, and the partnership we have with the Bowling Green Association.

Again, this is a place, not only essential for New York, but also for the country where we celebrate our common struggle and fight for democracy, for freedom and for opportunity. And who better than our diaspora communities to celebrate such values? And I see the mayor of New York is here, so let’s leave that to the mayor of New York City. Long life…

Kurtulu: (Inaudible.)

Commissioner Castro: Alright, alright, then…

Kurtulu: I have a few other announcements.

Commissioner Castro: Long live Turkey.

Commissioner Castro: Long live New York City and long live Ibrahim. Thanks a lot.

Kurtulu: So much help here. Allow me to thank you, Israfil. Where are you, Israel? Where are you? Thanks. Since eight o’clock this morning, he has come from New Jersey to help me. I am very, very grateful. Thanks. OK. Welcome… I welcome you… 99 years is a great joy for us. But what makes it more joyful is that I welcome your honor to the celebration of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey here in the people’s park of Bowling Green, and the park of no one but the city ​​park and people’s park, and the loyal Turkish American community. Your presence here today, especially during this celebration, brings supreme joy, honor and strength to all of us, which only the Chief Executive of New York City could provide. We all welcome your Honorable Eric Adams. You honor us with your presence. We wish you, sir, our great city, our respective countries, and all people of good will, our best wishes, and God bless the Republic of Turkey. God bless America. Welcome to Eric Adams, the mayor of New York.

Mayor Eric Adams: Thanks. Such an important day to be here at a flag raising. A country that I have visited several times, probably six or seven times, and really enjoyed the spirit and history of Turkey. From Istanbul to Cappadocia to Antalya to so many different places and understanding the sister city agreement we have in one of the important cities, Üsküdar in Turkey. And so the true spirit and energy. We know New York City is America’s Istanbul, and we want to continue to thank that community, the people of Turkey, the small business owners, you believe in education, you believe in public safety, you believe in the power of really reaching across our different cultures and making it a great city. And I want to thank everyone who is here as we raise the flag. The energy is to elevate the spirit and energy of our city. My good friend, Consul General Özgür is truly someone I have communicated with for many years during his tenure, and now as General Council, as he brings together the spirit and energy of the Turkish people here in New York.

So thank you for coming today. This is an important moment as we raise the flags of all our different cultures. This is what makes our city great. It is the melting pot of energy from all of our cultures coming together and declaring that we are one as a city. Thanks to the Turkish people. Thanks a lot. Thank you, and a proclamation.

Whereas… Where’s the consul general? Consul General… Whereas the American Turks have long improved the five boroughs and will continue to play a key role as we take bold steps to come back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic, grow our economy and build a safer, fairer, more prosperous future for all. At today’s ceremony in Manhattan’s historic Bowling Green Park, Turkish New Yorkers will commemorate their homeland’s historic founding by raising its red flag, complete with white star and crescent moon, which will fly proudly next to the American flag. Today’s event is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the vibrant tradition of this vital community and our enduring friendship with their homeland. I look forward to the many ways everyone together will further invigorate New York as we come together to get things done, to rebuild. New York City Mayor Eric Adams.



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