Turkey, Croatia abandon Covid testing for vaccinated Britons


FAMILIES planning a vacation to Turkey or Croatia this semester will be able to save hundreds of pounds – as both countries have removed Covid testing for tourists.

Vaccinated Britons no longer have to pay for a pre-arrival test to enter either country, just in time for the October holidays.


Holidays in Croatia are much easier, as the country has removed testing for vaxxed touristsCredit: Alamy

Turkey has also been taken off the red list, meaning vacations in the country can take place without the need for quarantine upon their return to the UK.

The Turkish Tourist Board said in a statement: “Turkey is ready and delighted to welcome travelers from across the UK again this month and beyond.

“Without any PCR testing requirements, and following our removal from the UK government’s Red List, traveling to Turkey couldn’t be easier.

“Turkey is the perfect destination for British families this semester.”

Brits traveling to Turkey will need proof of both jabs to ignore the testing rules – anyone who is not fully vaccinated will still need the tests.

Croatia has also lifted the requirement for Covid testing of vaccinated Britons, who now only need full proof of vaccination to enter.

First effective in July, the country previously required Britons to have Covid testing even if they were vaccinated, although this was changed on October 1.

However, the rules state that the second dose must have been taken within the last year. Children under 12 are exempt from the need for jabs or tests.

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Arrival tests can cost up to £ 100 each for a benchmark PCR test, meaning families could save up to £ 400 on their holidays.

It also means families can book vacations without worrying about testing positive before they travel, sabotaging bookings.

New rules introduced this week in the UK mean that Britons also no longer need a pre-arrival test to return to the country.

The requirement for the second day PCR test will also be replaced with a simpler lateral flow test later this month.

It is hoped that this will be implemented in time for the October semester, but the government has not yet confirmed a date.

Here are some of the cheapest places to buy a PCR test for your vacation, as free NHS tests are not allowed.

Families can also travel to Turkey, without needing Covid tests if they are vaxxed


Families can travel to Turkey too, without needing Covid testing if they are vaxxedCredit: Alamy
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