Turkey Crossing: The last on the Bensalem traffic stop bird


BENSALEM, PA – A local turkey who has become the stuff of Bensalem legend has just been given his own signage on Bristol Road to protect him on his travels to Wawa.

Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo has asked the public works department to install “turkey passage” signs for Ben the Turkey, the bird that captured the heart of the city, at the intersection of Galloway Road.

Bus driver Shirley DePaolo told 6abc that sightings of turkeys add fun to the morning drive to Faust Elementary School.

“Everyday, we would see Ben and the kids … on the school bus would look for Ben, and the drivers would look for Ben, “she said.

Bensalem’s local Turkey Trot Facebook group now has over 2,400 members. Residents bonded by sharing photos of the local bird, with a local musical duo even create an original song honor the turkey.

“Ben is clearly not happy this morning with the rising gasoline prices and the fact that his Birds lost last time. [night]Al Corr wrote alongside a photo of the big bird on Tuesday.

Other residents, including Xandria Rain Schaeffer, speculated that Ben might actually be two different birds. If so, suggested a resident, perhaps Bristol Road will become home to a whole family of turkeys. Another pointed out that some types of male turkeys are called Jakes, while others are Toms; it is possible that there are “Ben” in each category.

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