Turkish Vice-President: “The Greek Cypriots have invaded Cyprus”


Turkish Vice-President Fuat Oktay is in the occupied territories of northern Cyprus and has met the so-called “Prime Minister” of the Turkish-speaking Cypriots, Ersan Saner.

Oktay said his visit was to prepare for the Turkish president’s visit on July 20.

He will visit various ongoing projects in the occupied territories of northern Cyprus.

The Turkish vice-president claimed that July 20 was the anniversary of the “liberation of the Turkish-speaking Cypriots”, adding that the Turkish-speaking Cypriots had a centuries-old history on the island and were the true owners.

Oktay’s claims are not entirely without merit when you consider genetic test found that Turkish-speaking Cypriots are Turkish-speaking Greek Cypriots with an almost identical genetic makeup.

The Turkish vice president said that the “invaders” (Greece and the Greek Cypriots) are now trying to change realities but will not succeed.

Saner said that when the pseudo-state and Turkey work together, there is nothing they can do, like the issue of hydrocarbons.

He affirmed that there is indeed a problem of occupation in Cyprus but that it is about the invasion of the Republic of Cyprus by the Greek Cypriots, a position totally rejected by the international community, including the Nations. United.

Turkey, he argued, invaded Cyprus in 1974 on the basis of guarantees and restored freedom to the Turkish-speaking Cypriots.

Finally, he said that the pseudo-state is getting stronger with the support of Turkey.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 541 and United Nations Security Council Resolution 550 recognizes the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” as an illegal entity.

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