United Republic of Tanzania: Inter-Agency Operational Update (April 2022) – United Republic of Tanzania

  • Turkish Embassy distributes food parcels to urban refugees: The Turkish Ambassador, in collaboration with the UNHCR Representative in Tanzania, the Department of Refugee Services and Relief to Development Society (REDESO), distributed food parcels to urban refugees in Tanzania. Emphasis has been placed on targeting the most vulnerable urban refugee families, namely those not receiving any assistance from UNHCR, families headed by women, families with members with specific needs and families with large size, among other criteria. The event took place on April 28 at the refugee community center in Dar es Salaam.

  • Pre-departure program for students: The World University Service of Canada, in collaboration with the education sector of Nyarugusu camp, has launched its online pre-departure program for the current cohort 2022-23, aiming to offer a standardized self-managed pre-departure. orientation course. This structured 15-week program with self-study materials provided to SRP candidates each week will be uploaded to the SRP 2022-23 cohort Google classroom and students are allowed to ask questions using the same platform.

  • Voluntary repatriation: UNHCR, in collaboration with the Governments of Tanzania and Burundi and with the support of the international community and partners, assisted some 192 Burundian refugees to return home voluntarily in April, a total of 1,101 in 2022 and 140,599 since 2017 during voluntary repatriation. started. In addition, UNHCR in Tanzania continues to support the voluntary repatriation of Burundian refugees to Uganda transiting through the Kagera region. In April 2022, Uganda led two movements where a total of 794 people were repatriated to Burundi.

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