With SAR9 C, this Turkey-based company could be the new name for compact firearms


In a few years, SAR USA has become a major player in the American firearms industry. The company was only founded in 2018 to be the exclusive importer and distributor of Turkish company Sarsilmaz Firearms Corp., a private small arms manufacturer founded in 1880 at the end of the Ottoman era. Today, the company has grown into the largest small arms manufacturer in Turkey and operates a state-of-the-art one million square foot facility that has raised the bar for gun quality control standards.

In addition to supplying firearms to the Turkish National Police and the Turkish Armed Forces, it exports its products to nearly eighty countries, including Turkish partners in NATO and other countries around the world.

SAR9 Series

The company slowly built its reputation for its compact firearms and announced earlier this year that its flagship SAR9 pistol platform would see the addition of a compact model, the SAR9 Compact (SAR9 C).

“The SAR9 Compact was inspired by the feedback we received from snipers, dealers and consumers,” said Todd Pearson, COO of SAR USA. “We listened to the shooting sports community when they asked for the same incredible durability and performance as the SAR9 in a more compact version. “

Chambered in a 9x19mm parabellum, the lightweight, polymer-frame, percussion handgun features a hammer-forged barrel with a recessed crown with a low barrel axis-to-grip ratio to reduce muzzle rise and a twenty degree grip angle providing superior control and a quick second shot recovery. It also features a live round indicator, as well as a safety trigger which the company says was designed to be smoother than a double-action revolver. The SAR9 Combat also includes interchangeable back straps. Side plates provide a custom fit.

Neither too big nor too small

Designed to strike the right balance between a micro pistol and a full-size pistol, the SAR9 Compact is small enough to be easily concealed while being an Everyday Mount (EDC), it still has the capacity of a pistol to normal size. It comes standard with a fifteen-round magazine, while a ten-round option is available for limited capacity states.

Compact Specifications SAR9:

Caliber: 9mm x 19 Overall length: 7.2 inches

Operating System: Striker-Fired Barrel Length: 4.0 inch

Width: 1.4 inches

Height: 5.1 inches

Height: 5.1 inches

Magazine capacity: 2-15 rd. magazines

Case discharge: right side

Weight: 26.8 ounces.

MSRP: Black: $ 452.00

Stainless steel: $ 484.00

Become smaller

The company also announced that it has developed the SAR9 SC, a subcompact model for security and law enforcement. As the smallest member of the SAR9 pistol family, the SAR9 SC still has a capacity of twelve rounds with a barrel length of eighty-five millimeters. It includes all the hereditary properties of the larger SAR9 pistols.

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